Welcome to the EON Records official website. We’re excited about our new, refreshed look and latest album releases. 2013 has been an exciting year and we’re excited to share with you our new, easy to navigate website packed with updated photos, new artist info., sound clips and the latest news.

We’re hoping this new, interactive website allows for more interaction with fans and EON supporters through webpage comments and visits to our official Facebook and Twitter pages. We’d love your feedback. Have a question? Send us an email at EONRecords@gmail.com. As a family-owned-and-operated record label in Portland, Oregon, we know the importance of a prompt response.

We look forward to getting to know you all better and hope our new releases will be a welcome addition to your music library.

Our previous website only allowed for email interaction so we’re hoping that by adding new features, we can stay better in touch with the people that matter — music lovers like you.

Thanks for visiting the new, revamped website and we hope you come back soon, as content will be changing often. In the meantime, check out a live show. Details are available in the show schedule section as information becomes available. Rock on!

John and Tommy Thayer

EON Records

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